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Hello world, here it’s the first blog from the peruvian label:

Repsychled Records

This label was born on May 4th, 2004 ( wow ! it’s 3 years ago ) , but our first release was a CD of a peruvian progressive and psychedelic rock band called: Laghonia, on October 12th,  2004.

Now my label made their 11th release called: We are not together, will be out at the end of May 2007, and it’s the first Various artist release done by Repsychled

Here some titles printed by Repsychled:

Laghonia – unglue CD

Bossa 70 – same CD

Gerardo Manuel & el Humo – Apocallypsis CD

Los Nuevos Shain’s – singles 1969 / 1970 CD

Traffic Sound – Virgin CD

Traffic Sound – same CD

Telegraph Avenue – same CD

Tarkus – same CD

Saicos – same CD

We all together – singles CD

and now………. We are not together (1968 / 1974) CD

In this blog I will share all the info posible about every release done by Repsychled or about peruvian bands. All releases are original silver CD’s, remastered from their original reel to reels, with their respective licenses off course. Every CD is a mini LP replica and includes inserts with photos and info never seen from each band.

Don’t forget to visit my website:


andres tapia del rio * repsychled records * May 15th, 2007


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